I firmly believe that anyone can be a great baker! Baking as a hobby can be very rewarding - and very impressive to those not in the know - for very little effort.

I started 'baking' when I was very young, though as you can see from the (very blurry) picture below, it appears that a more accurate term might be 'eating straight from the spoon'.

This is not a blog where I show off about all the wonderful, amazing and delicious things I can bake.  This isn't a food blog where you'll see artistic shots of caramel sauce drizzled over a sumptuous chocolate tart. You won't see perfectly captured 'pour shots' of maple syrup on pancakes. Instead, you'll see simple, step-by-step recipes on how to bake some basic, and occasionally not so basic, recipes. This is a blog where I show YOU how to make all these things.

I am by no means a recipe inventor - I would instead consider myself a recipe 'tweaker' or 'improver'. I've been baking for so long that I like to think I know what works and what doesn't. And I am definitely not claiming the recipes on this site as my own! They are all from, or at least originated from, various cookbooks (some of them older than me), or various websites.

I hope that if you are new to baking, you'll be able to find a recipe here that you'd like to attempt. And if you do, remember to take a picture and share it on the facebook page!

If you are a confident baker, I hope you'll still be able to find new recipes, or maybe just some inspiration for your next baking project.

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